I am currently working on a project examining gendered panel effects on federal three-judge panels using a new measure of persuasion. In this project I show that:

  1. While the existence of gendered panel effects on sex discrimination cases are assumed, not all women judges influence men on a given panel equally.
  2. Strikingly, not only does the persuasiveness of a woman judge greatly increase the likelihood of observing a panel effect, it strongly mitigates the effects of the mere presence of a woman on the panel.
  3. Persuasion should be considered an important variable when analyzing judicial influence in the literature going forward.

A downloadable PDF of a working draft can be found here, and a poster overview can be found here. You can download my latest .R (R) file here and my .do (Stata) file here.

After leaving graduate school, I have not had the time to finish and publish this work. I am seeking a co-author (let me know if you are interested) to finish the project and see it through the publishing process.